About Us

Our practice was launched in August 2004 with the vision to build an accounting practice to suit the needs of all clients large and small. It was decided to develop a monthly product that could be provided to clients where they would know what services they should expect from their accountant along with the convenience of paying their accounting fees on a monthly basis.

We knew that there would be significant demand for regular information and support services - beyond the rold of the simple "tax" accountant.

We needed a system and set of processes that would enable us to communicate with our client base on a regular basis and allow access to important information from the Australian Taxation Office and other sources of information.

At Management Accounting Services Queensland, we believe in providing quality Accounting, Taxation and Management Consulting Services to our client base in a timely and efficient manner.

Our website has been designed with this in mind and allows our clients to gain immediate access to the information, resources and help they need to run their businesses. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you as a client to Management Accounting Services Queensland.